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Summer Registration Tips!

It is once again time for registration for fall classes!

While some of us struggle to find classes that are interesting, meet requirements, and are taught by reputable professors, it’s truly not so difficult if you plan things correctly. The Student Handbook certainly serves as a guide for detailed descriptions of classes and whether or not they fulfill a divisional or requirement.

Although you might think that you have the perfect schedule planned out before registration, the actual registration process is a whole new ball game. Make sure to have back-up choices that can easily be substituted into your schedule if your first choice is already full by your time to register. And if you find yourself searching for low credit classes to fill up your schedule, library sciences and career and personal development are always good choices.

While fall registration quickly snuck up on us, the summer is approaching even faster. Consider taking a few extra classes during the summertime to keep busy. It’s always a good idea, especially because it helps ease the workload in the fall. Also, many students are on campus and enjoy spending the North Carolina summers together. Do note that summer school doesn’t necessarily mean having to stay on campus.

There is always the option of taking classes at schools near your home and transferring the credits to Wake. While our university is selective in terms of what meets credit criteria, it is definitely something to look into. The online registrar is very useful and accessible if you want to research what classes can be taken at certain universities. It also contains the course number and department for quick and easy access to such important information.

Throughout this stressful process remember that with every registration, you are one step closer to your goals, dreams, and future!

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CALENDAR UPDATE: Fall 2013 Registration

It’s that time of the semester — registration! Today marks the final week of registration advising and major/minor pre-registration. Please make a note of the important dates below in order to successfully build your Fall 2013 course schedule.

  • Those with declared majors and/or minors will be advised and registered for classes within the major/minor department between March 18-29th.

We highly encourage you to make an appointment with your student advisor, especially if you are an underclassman. Student advisors are unique from academic advisors in that they are able to provide you with a student’s perspective. Often they will have suggestions about what courses to take for certain majors, insight on professors in different departments, and are equipped to answer any and all of your questions.

  • April 1-4th: Round one of registration
    • Seniors: Monday, April 1st
    • Juniors: Tuesday, April 2nd
    • Sophomores: Wednesday, April 3rd
    • Freshman: Thursday, April 4th
  • April 8-11th: Round two of registration
    • Seniors: Monday, April 8th
    • Juniors: Tuesday, April 9th
    • Sophomores: Wednesday, April 10th
    • Freshman: Thursday, April 11th

Remember that registration for non-major/minor courses and for students who have not yet declared a major occurs in two rounds. Registration continues through June 30th.

Some last-minute tips:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to register for classes. Classes fill up quickly, so use your allotted appointment time wisely.
  • Make a back-up schedule. It’s rare that you will get all of your first choice courses. Have a few back-up choices in mind in case all of your intended courses are full.
  • Use your resources. Student and academic advisors are here to help you. Make an appointment today and go over your plan of action with them.

For more registration tips, check out our past registration articles, including recent post, “Registration Tips from a Student Advisor.”

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