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Helpful tips for studying, time management, and staying in the know about Academic Policies.

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Summer Registration Tips!

It is once again time for registration for fall classes!

While some of us struggle to find classes that are interesting, meet requirements, and are taught by reputable professors, it’s truly not so difficult if you plan things correctly. The Student Handbook certainly serves as a guide for detailed descriptions of classes and whether or not they fulfill a divisional or requirement.

Although you might think that you have the perfect schedule planned out before registration, the actual registration process is a whole new ball game. Make sure to have back-up choices that can easily be substituted into your schedule if your first choice is already full by your time to register. And if you find yourself searching for low credit classes to fill up your schedule, library sciences and career and personal development are always good choices.

While fall registration quickly snuck up on us, the summer is approaching even faster. Consider taking a few extra classes during the summertime to keep busy. It’s always a good idea, especially because it helps ease the workload in the fall. Also, many students are on campus and enjoy spending the North Carolina summers together. Do note that summer school doesn’t necessarily mean having to stay on campus.

There is always the option of taking classes at schools near your home and transferring the credits to Wake. While our university is selective in terms of what meets credit criteria, it is definitely something to look into. The online registrar is very useful and accessible if you want to research what classes can be taken at certain universities. It also contains the course number and department for quick and easy access to such important information.

Throughout this stressful process remember that with every registration, you are one step closer to your goals, dreams, and future!

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To Cram or Not To Cram?

As spring and its many activities approach us, I ask one question: How will we manage? Should we head to the ZSR for a few hours each day to prepare for a test, even with the quad glistening and the sundeck of South calling your name? Or should we wait until the night before and hide in our rooms, cramming the material for tomorrow’s computer science test into our brains?  This is a dilemma that most students at Wake face: To cram or not to cram?

With all of the activities and involvement available on campus (not to mention the beautiful weather we are about to have upon us), it is very difficult to carve out time each day to get ahead and practice long-term studying techniques.  Teachers, parents, and even fellow students advise each other to start studying early in order to avoid stress leading up to a big paper or exam, yet we rarely take their advice.  More often than not, the ZSR is filled with crammers, those waiting until the last minute to get their work done.

Here are some quick ideas about each method of studying:

  1. Cramming can be beneficial: Cramming, if effective, allows you to have more free time while also accomplishing your work.
  2. Cramming can be detrimental: Learning all the material in one night is not ideal.  If you write a paper in one night, you do not have time to edit or proofread the essay, leaving excessive room for error.
  3. Long-term can be beneficial: Long-term studying allows you to have minimal stress and a more well-rounded study method.
  4. Long-term can be detrimental:  Heading to the ZSR everyday can cut into time with friends, involvement with other organizations on campus and social life in general.Cramming_for_Test_H
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What are you doing for Spring Break?

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Campus Study Spaces

By: Catherine Currin

With schoolwork in full swing, people are constantly searching for a seat in the library, which is typically the go-to spot for most Wake students who want to get their work done. However, there are so many other great locations for studying throughout our campus that are extremely underutilized.  Our campus has so many spaces available to us that most students, myself included until recently, have no idea that they even exist.  It is important that we take advantage of what our campus offers as we work hard to succeed academically. 

I have recently been studying in various classrooms in Tribble, giving me a lot of space to work while also having easy access to Benson’s food court and Starbucks if I decide to take a break.  Tribble or any of the other academic buildings are great study spaces in the event that the library study rooms are all booked. You have the freedom to talk, unlike the ZSR sometimes, and you are still in a motivated academic setting.  Another benefit to these classrooms is that you have a seat readily available during “study rush hour”. 

Other areas on campus where I have seen people study include Reynolda Hall as well as the respective lounges of residence halls.  Also, above and below the pit, there are beautiful rooms with comfortable couches and chairs as well as tables for students to relax, read, or work on a paper. The décor provides a sophisticated atmosphere and it is an area that is quiet where students can focus without being isolated from the rest of the Wake community.  On these floors of Reynolda, students are surrounded by their classmates and staff and faculty members. 

I enjoy studying on my hall’s lounge and study room.  I can separate myself from the distractions of my room while also seeing girls that I live with.  Living in South Hall, each hallway has two lounges, while other residence halls have a lounge for the entire dorm, letting you interact and socialize with other people while also getting work done.  After a little investigating, it is clear that there is definitely enough study space on campus to accommodate all students.  

While there are many alternatives to library study spaces, there are also many benefits to the ZSR that I should point out.  There are printers and Apple computers at your disposal as well as the Bridge in the case of any ThinkPad emergencies.  There is also the 24 hour room for those late nights.

As a whole, the buildings on the Mag Quad as well as the library serve as great study spaces and can accommodate to people with varying study habits. Remember, if you can’t find a place to study- you aren’t looking hard enough!!

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DEACademics is famous!

Hercampus, one of the most successful student-run organizations on campus, featured the DEACademics blog in this week’s posts. Check out the article here. Spread the word! 

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Favorite Study Spot: The Green Room in Reynolda

If the library’s got you down, check out the Green Room in Reynolda. This low key study spot has a fun atmosphere, perfect for anyone who is looking to avoid the quiet halls of ZSR.

Let’s hear why the Green Room regulars love to study there:

Hannah Padrnos explains, “I love to study in there

 because it’s light, and it’s freer. It’s not as secluded and stiff as the library. You can talk to your friends and have a laugh while still getting your work done.”

For Alex Francis, the Green Room provides a good alternative to studying in dorm rooms: “[I like it] because it’s quiet. I don’t like studying in my room because I get distracted all the time so I like to go to Reynolda because there are fewer distractions.”


Courtney Smith uses the Green Room as a home away from home. “I like it because it’s not my room,” Smith said, “There are always nice people around, and my friends are always there. It’s also kind of homey. It’s like a living room. There are couches and paintings; it’s decorated nicely. It’s just a comfortable atmosphere.”

Nick Manago elaborates, “It’s not as depressing as the library. I like to see people, and I like the background noise.”

So, if you are looking for a homey space with lots of friends and laughter with homework thrown in, the Green Room may be the place for you. 

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