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CALENDAR UPDATE: Fall 2013 Registration

It’s that time of the semester — registration! Today marks the final week of registration advising and major/minor pre-registration. Please make a note of the important dates below in order to successfully build your Fall 2013 course schedule.

  • Those with declared majors and/or minors will be advised and registered for classes within the major/minor department between March 18-29th.

We highly encourage you to make an appointment with your student advisor, especially if you are an underclassman. Student advisors are unique from academic advisors in that they are able to provide you with a student’s perspective. Often they will have suggestions about what courses to take for certain majors, insight on professors in different departments, and are equipped to answer any and all of your questions.

  • April 1-4th: Round one of registration
    • Seniors: Monday, April 1st
    • Juniors: Tuesday, April 2nd
    • Sophomores: Wednesday, April 3rd
    • Freshman: Thursday, April 4th
  • April 8-11th: Round two of registration
    • Seniors: Monday, April 8th
    • Juniors: Tuesday, April 9th
    • Sophomores: Wednesday, April 10th
    • Freshman: Thursday, April 11th

Remember that registration for non-major/minor courses and for students who have not yet declared a major occurs in two rounds. Registration continues through June 30th.

Some last-minute tips:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to register for classes. Classes fill up quickly, so use your allotted appointment time wisely.
  • Make a back-up schedule. It’s rare that you will get all of your first choice courses. Have a few back-up choices in mind in case all of your intended courses are full.
  • Use your resources. Student and academic advisors are here to help you. Make an appointment today and go over your plan of action with them.

For more registration tips, check out our past registration articles, including recent post, “Registration Tips from a Student Advisor.”

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CALENDAR UPDATE: Reynolda House Star Power Thursday

With midterms coming to an end and spring break about to begin, what better reason do you need to celebrate?  This Thursday, you can reward your hard work and the hard work of your classmates at the Reynolda House Star Power Thursday event.  On March 7, students and faculty from the Wake Forest departments of music, theatre, and dance will perform “Let’s Misbehave! A Cole Porter Revue.”  The party is meant to recreate a 1930s nightclub and is sure to be an evening full of art, music, dancing, and history.

Along with enjoying entertainment and refreshments, guests will also have the opportunity to view the current exhibition, Edward Steichen’s Glamour Photography.  The exhibition includes clothing from the museum’s costume collection alongside Steichen’s iconic prints.  There is no cost for students for entertainment, refreshments, and admission to the exhibition through 8 p.m.

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Wake Up to Poetry: Poetry Contest and Celebration!

Do you like poetry? Happen to be a poet yourself? Consider entering the Wake Up to Poetry: Poetry Contest and Celebration!

What’s in it for you? 

There are three days left to submit your poems to — subject line: Wake Up to Poetry Submission.
Even if you don’t want to submit a poem, come celebrate the art of poetry at the contest’s celebration on Saturday, April 6th at Community Arts Café. The event is FREE and will conclude with an open music session by the Irish musical group, The Belfast Boys.
Please direct additional questions to WFU Press (wfupress@wfu. edu/336-758-5448). 
Poetry contestFlier

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Campus Dining Updates: February


What is one of the best ways to support your academic endeavors? Healthy eating! As the CDC stated in August of 2012, “healthy eating may help improve academic performance.” A balanced diet can keep you focused in class, prevent fatigue, help you build a strong immune system, and give you enough energy to make it through those busy days on campus. Take a look at the campus dining update for February to find fun ways to take care of yourself, both nutritionally and academically.

February 7th: the Magnolia Room celebration of the Chinese New Year. Old Gold swipes will be permitted. Reservations are recommended.

February 14th: Valentine’s dinner in the Pit

February 25th – March 1st: National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

February 28th: Uber Smoothie Day in the Pit

Don’t forget to check out the Fresh Food Company’s “Healthy for Life Nutrition Wall” with all of the nutritional information about food on campus.

fresh food company

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CALENDAR UPDATE: Career and Internship Fair

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, January 23th for the Wake Forest University Spring Career Fair. Over 55 organizations will be on campus to meet Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors from all majors. Helpful representatives, some Wake Forest alumni, will be on hand to share useful information on their internships and full-time job opportunities.

Refer to our earlier post about last semester’s Career Fair to make of the most of this beneficial opportunity.

For even more tips, refer to the Wake Forest Office of Personal Career Development website.

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Wake’s Thanksgiving Hours

If you’re going to be on campus for Thanksgiving, make sure to check out Wake’s Thanksgiving hours

Thanksgiving Hours 2012

Day: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Date: 11/20; 11/21; 11/22; 11/23; 11/24; 11/25

Moe’s : Closed all week

Shorty’s: 11am4pm; Closed; Closed; Closed; Closed; Closed

Take2: 11am4pm; 11am4pm; Closed; Closed; Closed; Closed

ChikFilA: 11am4pm; Closed; Closed; Closed; Closed; Closed

Starbucks: 7:30am5pm; 8am12pm; Closed; Closed; Closed; Closed

Forest Greens: Closed all week

Subway/POD: till 12:00 am; Closed; Closed; Closed; Closed; 12pm/24 hours

The Pit: 7am7pm; Closed; Closed; Closed; Closed; 4pm9pm

Magnolia: Closed all week…including Monday (11/19)

Benson Cstore: Closed; 114; Closed; Closed; Closed; Closed

North: Closed all week

Worrell: 10:30am3pm; Closed; Closed; Closed; Closed; Closed

Scales: Closed all week

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Registration Tips from a Student Advisor!

We’re in the final homestretch now! Mid-terms are over and Thanksgiving break is coming up.  Before we know it, we’ll be into spring semester… but before we can get there, we’ve got to register first. Check out these massively helpful registration tips, courtesy of Carly Brown, senior member of the Student Advising Leadership Council.

Deac: What’s the single most helpful piece of advice you’d like to share?

CB: First and foremost, it’s important for students, especially freshmen, to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect schedule. The troubles you find with your schedule often give you the best opportunity to take advantage of a liberal arts education; it pushes you to try things you wouldn’t normally consider.

Deac: But what would you say to students who do flip out when they encounter schedule issues and are dead set on fixing them?

CB: Even if your schedule is set, your student advisor can be a very valuable resource. They are available to address any problems with classes, such as significant issues with pre-med or pre-business tracks, time conflicts, the need to move your schedule around.

Deac: Wow, student advisors have all that power?

CB: It’s what we’re here for. We have gone through the process many times and know the necessary methods to make any changes with schedules.

Deac: True, you guys are trained for this. What would you say to freshmen who are going through spring registration for the first time?

CB: Again, your student advisor can be an extremely valuable resource. The second round of registration marks the first time you’ll be going through the process from start to finish by yourself. It’s important that going into it you understand what it means to have first and second round choices and what classes and requirements to prioritize.

Deac: So what would you suggest to freshmen when it comes to making those choices?

CB: Specifically, the classes to pick first should be the most important ones because they fill up so quickly. Everyone is trying to get those requirements, so you want to make sure you’re prepared. Pick foreign languages, FYS, and writing seminar first because these are mandatory.

Deac: What other ways can student advisors help freshmen during this time?

CB: Use your student advisor as a resource when it comes to interacting with faculty. Say there’s a class you want to take but there is a scheduling issue—your student advisor can help you with the wording and the general form when emailing teachers. Also, because of the structure of student advisors, we have an extensive network that can always get you the answers you need. For example, if you need to find out about a specific teacher or course, even if your student advisor doesn’t have the answer, he or she can easily locate another advisor who does.

Deac: You guys really have all the answers. I feel like more than just freshmen could benefit from this.

CB: Definitely. I think it’s really important for all classes to remember the general registration tips. As we do it more and more, we kind of forget the small but important details like mapping out back-up schedules (because things never go perfectly), keeping track with divisionals, and not putting off language requirements. There’s nothing worse than forgetting a requirement and having it alter all of your plans!

Deac: Like with study abroad?

CB: Yes! Make sure you build studying abroad into your scheduling plans—know what classes you want or need to take before you go, how going abroad will affect your work load, things like that.

Deac: I feel like we all just need to be well-versed in the requirements of basic things like abroad timing, pre-med/pre-business requirements, and hours for majors and minors.

CB: Exactly. You don’t want to get stuck and not have enough hours or all the requirements for something.

Deac: Great! Well is there anything else you’d like to add?

CB: I just want to stress the waitlist policy. The thing people need to know is that waitlists don’t really exist anymore. If you’re placed on a waitlist when you register on WIN and space opens up, you will automatically be registered for that class. Waitlists are erased once the first day of classes start. That means that if you want to add a class, you need to get a POI from the teacher directly. Basically, the thing to remember is that there is no longer a guarantee or priority given to students on waitlists anymore. People receive POIs based on who is in class on the first day and if there are spaces available.

So, there you have it—everything you need to know about registration. Good luck!

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