Campus Study Spaces

15 Feb

By: Catherine Currin

With schoolwork in full swing, people are constantly searching for a seat in the library, which is typically the go-to spot for most Wake students who want to get their work done. However, there are so many other great locations for studying throughout our campus that are extremely underutilized.  Our campus has so many spaces available to us that most students, myself included until recently, have no idea that they even exist.  It is important that we take advantage of what our campus offers as we work hard to succeed academically. 

I have recently been studying in various classrooms in Tribble, giving me a lot of space to work while also having easy access to Benson’s food court and Starbucks if I decide to take a break.  Tribble or any of the other academic buildings are great study spaces in the event that the library study rooms are all booked. You have the freedom to talk, unlike the ZSR sometimes, and you are still in a motivated academic setting.  Another benefit to these classrooms is that you have a seat readily available during “study rush hour”. 

Other areas on campus where I have seen people study include Reynolda Hall as well as the respective lounges of residence halls.  Also, above and below the pit, there are beautiful rooms with comfortable couches and chairs as well as tables for students to relax, read, or work on a paper. The décor provides a sophisticated atmosphere and it is an area that is quiet where students can focus without being isolated from the rest of the Wake community.  On these floors of Reynolda, students are surrounded by their classmates and staff and faculty members. 

I enjoy studying on my hall’s lounge and study room.  I can separate myself from the distractions of my room while also seeing girls that I live with.  Living in South Hall, each hallway has two lounges, while other residence halls have a lounge for the entire dorm, letting you interact and socialize with other people while also getting work done.  After a little investigating, it is clear that there is definitely enough study space on campus to accommodate all students.  

While there are many alternatives to library study spaces, there are also many benefits to the ZSR that I should point out.  There are printers and Apple computers at your disposal as well as the Bridge in the case of any ThinkPad emergencies.  There is also the 24 hour room for those late nights.

As a whole, the buildings on the Mag Quad as well as the library serve as great study spaces and can accommodate to people with varying study habits. Remember, if you can’t find a place to study- you aren’t looking hard enough!!

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