Favorite Study Spot: The Green Room in Reynolda

06 Feb

If the library’s got you down, check out the Green Room in Reynolda. This low key study spot has a fun atmosphere, perfect for anyone who is looking to avoid the quiet halls of ZSR.

Let’s hear why the Green Room regulars love to study there:

Hannah Padrnos explains, “I love to study in there

 because it’s light, and it’s freer. It’s not as secluded and stiff as the library. You can talk to your friends and have a laugh while still getting your work done.”

For Alex Francis, the Green Room provides a good alternative to studying in dorm rooms: “[I like it] because it’s quiet. I don’t like studying in my room because I get distracted all the time so I like to go to Reynolda because there are fewer distractions.”


Courtney Smith uses the Green Room as a home away from home. “I like it because it’s not my room,” Smith said, “There are always nice people around, and my friends are always there. It’s also kind of homey. It’s like a living room. There are couches and paintings; it’s decorated nicely. It’s just a comfortable atmosphere.”

Nick Manago elaborates, “It’s not as depressing as the library. I like to see people, and I like the background noise.”

So, if you are looking for a homey space with lots of friends and laughter with homework thrown in, the Green Room may be the place for you. 

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