Campus Dining Updates: February

06 Feb


What is one of the best ways to support your academic endeavors? Healthy eating! As the CDC stated in August of 2012, “healthy eating may help improve academic performance.” A balanced diet can keep you focused in class, prevent fatigue, help you build a strong immune system, and give you enough energy to make it through those busy days on campus. Take a look at the campus dining update for February to find fun ways to take care of yourself, both nutritionally and academically.

February 7th: the Magnolia Room celebration of the Chinese New Year. Old Gold swipes will be permitted. Reservations are recommended.

February 14th: Valentine’s dinner in the Pit

February 25th – March 1st: National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

February 28th: Uber Smoothie Day in the Pit

Don’t forget to check out the Fresh Food Company’s “Healthy for Life Nutrition Wall” with all of the nutritional information about food on campus.

fresh food company

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