Campus Dining Updates

27 Jan

From the Dietitian’s Desk: Steamed Veggies

Freshly steamed vegetables are now available at the Fresh Food Company’s Pasta Station!

Studies have shown that steaming cooking method that can retain high level of nutrient content in many vegetables. Because steaming is a rapid method of cooking and requires minimal water exposure, very few nutrients are lost when vegetables are steamed.

In fact, steaming can enhance the digestion and absorption of some micronutrients found in vegetables.Carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, cabbage, and broccoli are just a few of the vegetables whose nutrient content is not only maintained, but enhanced when steamed.

Spring Hours of Operation

Regular Spring Hours of Operation are now available on the WAKE FOREST DINING homepage

Stop Hunger Now

Stop Hunger Now is a Raleigh-based international hunger relief agency that has organized the distribution of food and other lifesaving aid to children and families in countries all over the world since 1998.

During the Winter Recess, WAKE FOREST DINING managers and Stop Hunger Now worked together to package over 10,000 meals to help those most vulnerable. Find out how you can help at


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