ZSR Survival Kit

06 Nov

These days, going to the library requires more materials than just your average paper and pencils. Wake students always have a variety of items on hand before stepping into the ZSR.

For the girls, it’s all about dressing for success.

Caroline Drew says, “I like to be comfy, and I get cold easy, and I don’t want to be uncomfortable if I’m in there for a long time, so I always bring a sweater. Also it’s a good conversation starter. ‘Woah, cool sweater.’ ‘Thanks. It was my granddad’s.’ And that’s how I make friends.”

Catherine Watts makes sure she always brings a jacket with her: “The 24 hour room is basically an arctic tundra. And it’s multi-purpose because it also serves as a pillow in case I want to take a nap on one of the couches. Not to say that I’ve done that or anything.

On the other hand, Annie Stockstill is more concerned about the comfort of her feet. “I always have a pair of Smart Wool socks because my feet always get cold, and everyone knows Smart Wool is the best,” she said.

From a guys perspective, Alec Wasilewski said, “I always bring my backpack, my books, and of course, a good attitude.”

Take note that the ZSR has recently added a vending machine outside of the atrium in case you are in need of things like ibuprofen or notecards. Definitely a great thing to check out when you’re in a bind!
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Posted by on November 6, 2012 in Strategies


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