Academics Abroad

03 Nov

Interested in studying abroad? Check out what staff writer Emily Colby, who is currently abroad in Prague, has to say about academics across the pond. 

Many students have come to believe that spending a semester abroad is essentially taking a break from academics and enjoying a semester of traveling. Studying abroad does afford students the opportunity to become familiar with their host city and its culture in addition to surrounding areas, but as most programs remind students, it is study abroad, meaning there are actually classes, homework, exams, etc. somewhere in the mix of tasting local food and exploring unique neighborhoods. Academic rigor varies, depending on the program, but you can rest assured that Wake Forest has prepared you well. Note that many study abroad courses are designed to integrate the course with the study abroad location. For example, an art history course abroad will involve field trips to world famous museums and landmarks. Language classes will be held at a local restaurant where students can practice speaking with native speakers. There are still papers to write and tests to study for, but they often have an exciting relation to the study abroad site. Although studying abroad is not a break from academics, it is a unique experience where learning occurs outside  of the classroom and masks itself in new and exciting ways.

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