More 1-Hour Class Options!

28 Oct

Looking for some great 1 hour classes to take next semester? Check out our suggestions!

HES 150. Beginning Tennis.

HES 151. Intermediate Tennis.

HES 160. Beginning Golf.

HES 161. Intermediate Golf.

HES 163. Bowling.

HES 170. Volleyball.

HES 182. Beginning Ice Figure Skating.

HES 183. Intermediate/Advanced Ice Figure Skating. May be repeated once for credit.

HES 194. T’ai Chi.

ACP 101. Preparing for Academic Quiz Competition. (1h) Prepares students for academic quiz competition (quiz bowl) via the study of academic material in history, science, literature, my­thology, philosophy, religion, social sciences, fine arts, geography, current events and other fields; via writing questions for academic competition tournaments; and via on-campus competition. Pass/Fail only. May be taken three times for credit. P—POI.

MTH 165. Problem-Solving Seminar. (1h) Weekly seminar designed for students who wish to par­ticipate in mathematical competition such as the annual Putnam examination. Not to be counted toward any major or minor offered by the department. May be repeated for credit. Pass/Fail only.

MUS 162. Individual Instruction. (1h) One one-hour lesson per week. (See the fee section of the academic bul­letin for specific information regarding additional costs.) Does not fulfill the individual instruction requirements for the major in music performance. May be repeated for credit. P—POI.

PHY 361. Biophysics Seminar. (1h) Seminal and current publications in biophysics are studied. Each week a member of the class makes an oral presentation on a chosen publication and leads the ensu­ing discussion.

WGS 100. R.A.D.: Rape Aggression Defense. (1h) Develops and enhances the options of self-defense, including basic physical self-defense tactics and risk reduction and avoidance, so they may become viable considerations for any woman who is attacked. Required readings include social science research on violence against women. Pass/Fail only.

WGS 101. Window on Women’s and Gender Studies. (1h) An opportunity to experience and reflect analytically in writing on the diverse cultural and intellectual life of Wake Forest, with an emphasis on women’s and gender studies events and topics. Pass/Fail only.

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