20 Oct

Planning on studying abroad? Be sure to consider these International Studies courses when registering for the spring– a great way to get credits and to get geared up for your abroad experience! 

Each course is one credit hour, taken pass/ fail.  Students do not need to take all three courses; any single course or combination of two is acceptable.

INS 150 (Preparing for Cross-Cultural Engagement Abroad): This course is taken the semester prior to studying abroad.  Assignments are meant to help students become familiar with their host-country.  The course provides students with basic skills which are beneficial for interacting with and understanding people in other cultures.

INS 151 (Cross-Cultural Engagement Abroad):  This course is taken while abroad to maximize cultural immersion within the host culture.  Assignments are based on the student’s experiences abroad and are submitted via Sakai.

INS 152 (Cross-Cultural Engagement and Re-entry):  This course allows students who have just returned from abroad to reflect upon their experiences and learn how to apply them to life back at home.  It is taken the semester after students have studied abroad.

Registration Tips: 1 Hour Classes and Studying Abroad!

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