Music as a Study Aid

09 Oct

According to a Stanford University study, music not only helps us stay on task, but it also aids in making predictions and updating material in our memory.  

As we all know, the best stuff to listen to while trying to get some serious work done is usually classical music, like Brahms and Chopin, but many Wake students need something else else to get them into the zone.

Sophomore, Alex St. Clair, says, “I like to listen to various genres when I study. I would say between country and hip hop. My favorites are Little Big Town and Parachute. They distract me from my lack of enjoyment of homework.”

In contrast, student, Courtney Smith, explains, “I am a fan of 90s music because it’s like good background music that is calming. Everything is just really mellow, and it gets me in a mood where I am not distracted by other things, and I can just do homework.”

If you would like to learn more about how music can help you think, check out this news release from Stanford:

And for more ideas on what songs to listen to while studying, visit Degree Central for more suggestions

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