Alumnus Melissa Harris-Perry Speaks at Wake

11 Sep

On Monday night, distinguished Wake Forest alumnus, Melissa Harris-Perry, returned to Wait Chapel 22 years after starting her first year in college. She came back to share her story, but even more, to share some very special advice.

As college students, Harris-Perry noted, it is all too easy for us to become consumed with our accomplishments.  We are often more concerned with building up our resumes or gaining admission to graduate school than taking time to reflect on our achievements. With her own sassy spin, Harris-Perry kept going back to one idea: always ask, “So what?”, “What difference am I making?” Harris-Perry urges us not only to ask these questions, but to go even further and look at our accomplishments to see what more we can do.

Harris-Perry brought special attention to Wake student, second year, Colby Moore, whose editorial in the Old Gold & Black, regarding the excessive attention media gives presidential elections, caught her attention by posing these “so what” questions she so urges us to ask. So the next time you are in class, learning about the Ottoman Empire or organic chemistry, don’t just worry about making that A, but also start asking yourself, and maybe even your professors, “So what; what difference can I make with this?”

Be sure to check out Moore’s article in the OGB and a special thanks to all the departments (including the Office of Academic Advising) involved with bringing Melissa Harris-Perry back to Wake Forest!

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