This Just In! Changes to Waitlisting Procedures!

29 Mar

Registration is next week (eek!) which means everyone is scrambling to polish their ideal fall schedules, dreading the inevitable “Course Full” tab that appears before we even have a chance to log in. Well, here comes another zinger!

All waitlisting will be automated for Fall registration beginning on April 2. Translation: even if you have a professor’s permission (or a POI), you have to wait until August to get into the class. No exceptions. Why the new change? The new waitlisting function will provide “a level of transparency and simplicity that students should find helpful” (Office of the University Registrar). 

Here’s what will happen: now, you will be able to see where you fall on the waitlist. If a seat becomes open, students will receive (in order of waitlist ranking) an email notifying them that there is a space for them in the class.

The down side: students can only get on the waitlist for three classes on their schedule at any one time. Also, you cannot be registered or waitlisted for more than one section of the same class. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the new waitlisting policies, contact the registrar or your departmental administrative assistant.

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Posted by on March 29, 2012 in Strategies


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