A MAJOR Decision

13 Feb

Attention sophomores!! Finally you can say with confidence and pride “I am a insert subject here major” instead of saying what you hope to study.

This week is major declaration week. During this time, students can declare majors through the specific academic department rather than on an individual basis through the Office of the Registrar. Sophomores can declare majors at scheduled information sessions for each department or can make appointments with faculty in the desired department.

Keep in mind that you are not limited to just a single major. Students can be creative by combining different subjects in a variety of ways through majors or minors. Remember that you must have a declared major before you can declare a minor. For a list of possible combinations and more information about the process, visit the Registrar page. To learn more about each department’s requirements and contacts, click here.

Consider drafting a four-year plan based on what you have taken and what you will need to take in order to gauge how much you can fit into your time at Wake. When choosing a major, be sure to pick something that engages and interests you! Your major will likely play a large role in determining your career path, so you definitely want it to be something you will enjoy for years to come.

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