Planning for the Future

30 Jan

College is the time for meeting new friends, making great memories, and learning something new every day. But don’t forget about the world beyond college. Planning for the future doesn’t start when you’re a senior. Fortunately, the Office of Personal and Career Development outlines exactly what you need to do each year to stay on track!

First Year:

Work on building your resume by joining clubs or volunteering. These will not only be great experiences for you at Wake but will also be great to put on a resume when the time comes to apply for a job or internship.

Evaluate your interests in order to work towards choosing a major and a career path. You still have some time before you have to decide, but exploring many options as early as you can will help you stay on track.

Look for internships as a way to spend your summers doing something really productive! Internships are a great way to gain experience and explore possible career paths. Check DeaconSource for listings, or meet with a Career Counselor to get started.

Hit the Bricks


Improve your resume by taking on leadership roles in clubs or groups on campus. If you are a member of several organizations, consider focusing on a few groups and becoming an active leader in some of them.

Choose a major and look into potential career paths. Now that you have had a little time to try out some different classes, chose the major that most interests you and will guide you towards your desired career. This is a big decision, so be sure to make the most of campus resources, like academic advisers and career counselors!

Prepare for interviews by improving your interview skills. Career counselors offer mock interviews to help you practice before the real thing.

Interview Workshop


Capitalize on study abroad as a talking point in interviews or on applications. Take the time to think about how the skills you developed and the experiences you had abroad if you went can make you a top candidate for a job or internship.

Decide on your career direction by reflecting upon your class work, skills, and interests. Continue to take classes and participate in extracurricular activities which will help you to gain experience and knowledge in this field.

Consider graduate school if you think it might be of interest to you or beneficial to your career plans. Advisers and professors in your department are great resources to help you discover if graduate school is right for you, and they can help you begin your search for the best program.

Study Abroad


Finalize your resume and brush up on your interviewing skills prior to beginning your job search. Make any additions to your resume and have it reviewed at the Office of Personal and Career Development one final time before submitting it to potential employers. Schedule a mock interview for a bit more practice, and you should be ready for the real thing!

Apply for jobs once you have researched and prepared all of your materials. Listings can be found on DeaconSource or other online sites, as well as through networking and attending career events. Different industries have different timelines, so make sure to stay on top of your particular career goal.

Make post-graduation plans by considering all of your options. While many people choose full-time employment, attending graduate school, working abroad or volunteering are all possibilities of ways to spend your time after leavingWakeForest.

Attend the Internship and Job Fair

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