Making the Most of Social Media

30 Jan

We tweet, we tumble, we update our status, we instagram, we pin…simply put, social media has become a part of our everyday lives, as normal as brushing our teeth and checking our email. And while the social media epidemic came about as a way to connect people all over the world, there are many more reasons to get to know sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Twitter is a great stress reliever and procrastination tool. We follow celebrities, we learn about breaking news literally seconds after they’ve occurred, and we even express our frustration/happiness/stress through the revolutionary ‘hash tag’ language—which has even crossed the boundaries into normal chit chat. Nevertheless, the most important attribute of Twitter is the ability to connect with the business world, be it journalism, finance, filmmaking, etc. To make the most of your tweets, make sure to follow companies, organizations, publications, and professionals in the industry of your choice. You’ll be much more in the know.

Facebook is an oldie but a goodie. It’s hard to remember a world without Facebook, as it has become such an intrinsic part of the college life. When building a profile or updating a status, remember that your Facebook page is a reflection of you. Future employers, professors, and other people in the real world have access to your profile, so make sure you only post pictures, quotes, and videos that you wouldn’t mind your future boss to see.

LinkedIn is a relatively more recent addition to the social media family, but it is arguably one of the most effective ways of connecting with professionals around the globe. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, you can search profiles by alma mater, profession, location, etc., and make connections with people in the business world who can help you further your career. Think of LinkedIn as your professional Facebook profile. Nowadays, the best way to land your dream internship or job is to network and get your name out in the business world. LinkedIn is a great first step. You’ll never know who you may come across…or who may find you.

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