Academic Resolutions

23 Jan

It has been almost a month since we all made those New Year’s resolutions to work out more or to save more money.  Now that we are back on campus, it feels like the New Year is happening all over again as we reunite with friends and adjust to our new schedules.  Just a few days into classes, it is the perfect time to make a few more resolutions.

Stay organized.  Start the semester off with a system to organize due dates, group meetings, and exams.  Some great ways to do this are with a day-by-day planner, a dry erase board in your room, or even an online calendar.  Whichever one you choose, organization will help you to ensure that you never forget about an assignment and can help you to avoid procrastination.

Use campus resources.  You have probably heard about theMathCenter, theWritingCenter, or the fact that you can make an appointment with a librarian at ZSR to help you begin research in any subject, but have you used them to your full advantage?  This semester, we suggest you resolve to try out these resources, or any others around campus, for some extra insight on your assignments.

Find your perfect study space.  If for you sitting in the atrium for the night is more of a social event and an excuse to people watch, consider finding a new study space this semester, whether it is somewhere else in the library or another spot on campus.  The perfect study space is one with minimal distractions where you can be comfortable and efficient.  People got pretty creative (or desperate) when it came to finding a study spot during finals, but why not give some of those spaces a try now?

Maintain a balance. While we all know that the main reason we are here at Wake is to learn, it is important for us find the balance between academics, extracurricular activities, and fun with friends.  Learning how to manage time and activities is one of the most valuable skills a person can gain.  This semester, continue to develop those time management skills.  Some tips for doing this are making to-do lists, prioritizing, rewarding yourself, taking short breaks, or planning ahead to make time for non-academic commitments or fun events.

Work ahead.  Many of us have had far too many late nights before a big test or assignment that could have easily been avoided.  This semester, form a habit of being proactive and starting assignments ahead of time.  Take a few extra minutes each week to make flashcards or reread notes rather than trying to do all of this right before the test.  Look through your syllabi for the upcoming week and find a way to divide up the work so that you are not stuck with tons of assignments all on the same day.  For those looming research papers, set a date a few weeks before they are due to begin gathering research or asking your professor questions.

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