It’s more than a PIN.

14 Oct

…Advising time!  Hard to believe we’re in the throes of advising for Spring 2012 course registration, huh?!  As you prepare for midterms, and of course a fun and fabulous Fall Break  2011 — don’t forget to set up a one-on-one with your Faculty Adviser!

This is a fine time to chat about how your semester has been going [both in and outside of the classroom…] plans you’ve begun laying for Spring 2012 course registration, and just your current philosophy on life at college.  Or life after college.  Perhaps a little a chat [over a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks or Tuxedo hot chocolate at Campus Grounds ] about what a great time you had at President’s Ball ….or perhaps an inquiry into what your adviser’s favorite teaching experience this semester has been, so far.  Advising.  A time to catch up, talk plans, and re-connect.  It’s much, much more than a PIN.  

Not sure when/how registration is going down?  Here’s an overview:

Evening Registration FAQ’s Spring 2012

NOTE: Effective Spring, 2010, the University Registrar’s Office implemented evening registration at the request of Student Government

Be sure to clear any HOLDS on your records BEFORE REGISTRATION begins: only the office that places a hold on your records may remove that hold.  Offices such as Finance & Accounting, Information Systems, ZSR, etc. will operate under NORMAL business hours and will NOT be available to assist you after 5 PM

University Registrar’s Office will close at 5 PM as usual during registration

  • To contact the University Registrar’s Office AFTER 5 pm:
  • CALL 336-758-3344 and leave a message requesting assistance
  • Voice mail is checked intermittently from 5 PM to 11 PM; every effort will be made to respond quickly
  • Students should address as many questions as possible in advance to avoid registration delays 

Registering From Abroad (all programs)

  • ALL students who are currently abroad register just as they would on Reynolda Campus
  • All other rules (limits on hours, holds, etc.) are also the same as those for students on Reynolda Campus 

Advising, PIN’s and Registration Appointments

  • Students must meet with their advisers between October 17 to 28 to discuss scheduling and receive their PIN’s
  • All students MUST have a PIN to access registration on WIN
  • ONLY an adviser can issue a PIN; the University Registrar’s Office CANNOT issue PIN’s
  • Appointment times and holds are posted on WIN/Virtual Campus/Check Your Holds & Registration Status
  • Once the appointment begins, students may register and/or make schedule changes throughout the round 

Registration Rounds: October 31 to November 11

  • Round One: Oct. 31 to Nov. 4
    • Students with declared majors/minors may register for an additional 4 hours
    • Students without declared majors/minors may register for up to 8 hours total

Seniors: Monday, October 31

Juniors: Tuesday, November 1

Sophomores: Wednesday, November 2

Freshman: Thursday, November 3


First Appointment Time: 5:00 PM /Last Appointment Time: 9:50 PM

Round One ends on Friday, November 4 at 11:00 PM

  • Round Two: Nov. 7 to Nov. 11:
    • All students may register for up to 17 hours
    • To exceed 17 hours, students should contact the Office of Academic Advising after classes begin

Seniors: Monday, November 7

Juniors: Tuesday, November 8

Sophomores: Wednesday, November 9

Freshman: Thursday, November 10

First Appointment Time: 5:00 PM /Last Appointment Time: 9:50 PM

At the end of Round Two, registration will remain available until December 31st (date subject to change)

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