Cutting-Edge Scientific Breakthrough

14 Sep

After decades of interdisciplinary research, millions of dollars, and countless hours in the lab, scientists are releasing a discovery that is nothing short of MIRACULOUS. Sleeping is good for you!

Sure, the notion that getting sleep might actually be healthy is nothing new, but it’s a fact of life that most college students ignore on a daily (and nightly) basis.

In an ideal world, sleep should be the first thing that goes on our master schedules to calm college student stress. Why? Sleep deprivation has the same affect on you as alcohol. Your reaction time is slow, you can’t think clearly, you gain weight, and you can get depressed.

Think about how much time we waste napping during the day because we don’t sleep enough at night. C’ mon, how many of us have fallen asleep when we’re sitting quietly … like in class! Figure out ways to reduce interruptions to sleep like investing in earplugs, a fan, a sleeping mask, or a note on your door. Bottom line: Don’t sacrifice sleep because sleep deprivation is the true time waster and it definitely makes us more susceptible to college student stress.

that. just. happened.

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